We have seen a lot of interesting and unique ideas for cabinets and countertops in our time serving Ohio. Of these, we have several favorites, especially when it comes to creative backsplash designs. Here are a few ideas you might consider trying in your kitchen.

Turquoise Tile

Bright turquoise glass makes a fun but classic-looking backsplash when paired with white cabinets and countertops. Add another bright color like sunny yellow or magenta to really make the space pop.

Checkered Tile

Checkered tile adds a funky retro feel to any backsplash. Experiment with larger tile to create a bolder statement or smaller tiles for a more cohesive look.


Complement beautiful natural stone countertops by bringing marble slabs to your backsplash. The organic veining in the stone will provide drama and interest, yet your backsplash will be easy to clean because there is virtually no grout.


Bring a touch of the French countryside to your home by using blue and white tiles in porcelain patterns for your backsplash. Tile like this is romantic and whimsical, perfect for a relaxing kitchen.

Blue-Gray Subway

Bring in color in a subtle way by using a blue-gray subway tile. These rectangular tiles help to visually elongate your kitchen without overwhelming you with color.

Dramatic Black

Nothing makes a statement like having an all-black backsplash. Be sure to pair this new tile design with light-colored walls, countertops and appliances to avoid making your kitchen into a cave.

Take Over a Wall

For a truly interesting and dramatic look, expand your backsplash to cover your entire wall. This automatically gives your kitchen a beautiful focal point.


Open up your space and bring the family into the kitchen by having a mirrored backsplash. One caveat: You will need to keep this clean to maintain the effect.


Give your kitchen a Tuscan feel with a beautiful limestone backsplash.

Gold Leaf Tile

If you want a unique look that no one else has, consider a gold leaf backsplash. These tiles use real gold leaf to create a shine and visual interest like no other.

Moroccan Mosaic

Create a beautiful Moroccan-inspired mosaic with unusual tile shapes. Certain lines, like Waterworks, produce these unique tiles.

Turkish Patterns

Create an interesting counterpoint by using Turkish patterned tile in a home that is otherwise contemporary or more classically inspired.

Soft Yellow

A soft yellow tile brings in a feeling of sunny warmth to your kitchen backsplash without overwhelming the space with color.

Your Own Idea

Take a second and think about what your dream kitchen would look like. Imagine every detail, then focus on the backsplash area. What does it look like? Write your tile countertop ideas down and give us a call! We’ll turn your dreams into reality.