14 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

We have seen a lot of interesting and unique ideas for cabinets and countertops in our time serving Ohio. Of these, we have several favorites, especially when it comes to creative backsplash designs. Here are a few ideas you might consider trying in your kitchen.

Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

A kitchen bar is one of the most convenient and popular features that you could add to your home. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet breakfast with your spouse or to let the kids play and make a mess while you make dinner. Your family and friends can sit comfortably at the bar […]

Kitchen Countertop Trends

Like all home design elements, kitchen and bathroom countertops can go through trends. Unlike some fads, however, the trends with countertops tend to stay in fashion for quite a while, making your investment in new countertops one that will stay valuable whether you choose to sell next year or keep your home for the next […]

The Low-Down on Bathroom Floors

Buying new flooring for your bathroom can be a bit of a challenge. Water spills and moisture make most people assume carpet is out of the question. While it is true that fabric is a breeding ground for mold and mildew in these environments, there are water-, mildew- and stain-resistant carpet materials available. Home countertop […]