Kitchen CabinetsYour kitchen cabinets may not seem very important,¬†especially since everyone’s attention always seems to gravitate toward shiny new appliances and stylish countertops, but your cabinets in Cleveland are definitely a major aspect of your kitchen decor.

There tends to be a number of misconceptions surrounding cabinets and cabinet hardware, especially from homeowners. Below, our kitchen remodel professionals at Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile address seven mistaken beliefs out there about cabinets.

Cabinet Myths Busted

Myth 1: Kitchen remodels always pay for themselves.

While no one can argue that a kitchen renovation is an unprofitable home improvement project, the extent of your particular return on investment may not be as high as you hope. Minor remodeling jobs tend to garner the highest dollar value (72 percent on average, compared to 60 percent for major kitchen overhauls).

Myth 2: Cabinet replacing costs more than refacing.

Refacing is actually only recommended for homeowners whose cabinetry is in good condition and has not sustained water damage. These added expenses make replacements the more affordable option. Furthermore, by replacing, you also have the option to rearrange your kitchen layout and take advantage of new market upgrades.

Myth 3: Custom cabinets provide the greatest durability.

This too is not always the case, so be careful when selecting your cabinetry. In the durability department, the factor that matters most is how well the craftsman constructed the piece. Even the highest quality cabinets can feature weak spots and low structural support when built improperly.

Myth 4: Kitchen cabinet hardware should stay in the kitchen. 

Kitchen knobs and handles can be used interchangeably on a wide array of doors and drawers, including bathroom vanities, coffee tables and the like.

Myth 5: The type of cabinet hardware I buy is not a big deal.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder as far as looks are concerned, but when it comes to quality and durability, it certainly pays to spend more on top-end products. Cheap hardware materials will wear out quicker and be more prone to damage.

Myth 6: I have limited hardware finish options to choose from.

As far as cabinet hardware finishes are concerned, you are bound only by your imagination! Feel free to mix and match styles and sample the various options!

Myth 7: You cannot mix doors and knobs in the same kitchen.

Who says? Your favorite granite and tile company in Ohio urges you to explore your creative side. Select a design and style that makes you happy, and go for it!

Be sure to get in touch with one of our consultants about the cabinets and countertops we have in stock. New interior design cabinets in Cleveland definitely make a difference!

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