The Tax Advantages of a New Kitchen and Bath

Tax day is around the corner and many will be submitting tax returns, if they haven’t already. There are several tax advantages of being a homeowner and making improvements to your home.

How to Get the Lux Look Without Spending a Fortune

Imagine how much more enjoyment you would get from your home if you could remodel your kitchen? Picture yourself at a beautiful waterfall countertop peninsula island with friends and family all participating in meal preparation, enjoying a favorite beverage and discussing the events of the day – that’s priceless.

From Design to Completion – A Customer Experience

Many people come to us wanting to update their kitchen or bathroom.  The reasons are always different, but the experience is similar.  While it’s easy to see the end of the process through reviews, it is a lot tougher to know what the whole process is like.  We recently worked with some people on a […]

Making a Difference for Veterans

Those in the armed forces make choice after choice to step in harm’s way to protect and defend our country.  Their experiences on the field of battle leave them changed, with wounds that last a lifetime and bring fresh challenges with each new day.   Many people and organizations step in to help veterans as […]

Update Your Kitchen Island with Granite

If one of your goals for 2015 is to update the look of your kitchen and increase the value of your home, you should consider upgrading with granite – not just for your countertops, but for your kitchen island. Granite is becoming the go-to surface for kitchen and bathroom countertops because it is both sturdy and […]

10 Tips for Kitchen Redesigns

Nothing gets homeowners in a better mood than the opportunity for a kitchen makeover. This room is the ultimate space for renovations and remodels, perhaps due to the endless redesign options. Moreover, the transformative power and potential of remodeling your Cleveland kitchen increases equity and enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

How To Identify Wood Grain Patterns

Have you ever been curious to know what type of wood you have in your home, either on your hardwood floors or kitchen cabinets? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to tell your friends and relatives what kind of materials they have simply by assessing their cabinet wood grain patterns? Aside from making you a bit […]

Cabinet Wood Finish Feature: Alder

As far as kitchen cabinet materials are concerned, alder is a wood that gets less appreciation than it deserves. Although not nearly as popular as some of the more well-known types of wood, it does have a reputation for being strong, durable and aesthetically appealing. You probably have encountered it more times than you realize […]

Cabinet Wood Finish Feature: Maple

For generations, maple wood has been used in the construction of furniture, interior design cabinets and flooring products. It is hard to pass up the natural beauty that this wood offers. The unique, rich color combinations are stunning, not to mention the wood’s glossy finish. Maple is a surefire choice for anyone looking to spruce […]

Cabinet Wood Finish Feature: Birch

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen is no small feat. Unfortunately, plenty of homeowners mistakenly make hasty decisions as far as product selection goes. They get hooked on a particular material or style and avoid taking the crucial step back to assess all of the available options. This can often lead to regret, particularly when a […]