View Cabinet Photo GalleriesYou learn when building or remodeling a home that each project has its own terminology. As you choose your cabinets, here are some words and phrases you should know. Let us know if we can help you clarify any of these meanings.

Beadboard: Panels with vertical grooves and/or routed detail. This is a popular look with casual and country styles

Framed cabinets: The cabinets have a front frame, which is usually visible. Doors can either be inset or overlay.

Frameless cabinets: These feature cabinets with no front frame. Very often, cabinet doors cover the entire front of the cabinets.

These are more often seen in modern, contemporary or European style cabinets.

Miter: A joint made by fitting two angled pieces together.

Mullion: The vertical strip that divides front frames in cabinets with more than one door.

Mullion Doors: A term sometimes used to describe cabinets that have the center part removed and can have decorative elements such as glass, louvers or metal inserted.

Onlay: A decorative wood piece attached to cabinetry.

Rail: The horizontal pieces in front frames and door frames.

Recessed or inset doors: Cabinet doors that fit inside the perimeter of the door frame so they are flush with the cabinet frame.

Stile: The vertical pieces on front and door frames.

Toe kick: The recessed area at the bottom of base cabinets.

Veneer: Thin sheets and strips of wood attached to wood products to create an attractive finish.

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