View Cabinet Photo GalleriesThere’s a lot to choose from when it comes to the look of cabinets. Cabinets will also help dictate the style of your space. Take your style cues from the architecture of your house, first. A contemporary home is not going to look good with a country kitchen. Then look at your style choices in the rest of the house. What style of furniture you like, what fabrics you choose, your accessories, all can point the way to what look your cabinets should have.


The traditional style covers a lot of ground. It includes Old World, with lots or rich details and trim such as columns, onlays and molding. If cozy and friendly are two of the words that come to mind when you think about the style you want, country is an option. Some of the details of country style cabinetry include beadboard panels, and giving the cabinetry an aged look through distressing and glazes.


Sleek, uncluttered and clean are the hallmarks of a contemporary kitchen. Hardware is simple, trim and details on cabinetry are largely absent.


This is where modern and classic meet. The look is warmer and homier than contemporary, but simpler and cleaner than traditional or country. One of the classic looks in transitional is Shaker, with its simple recessed panel around a plain frame.