Oak Cabinets

Oak has long been used in a variety of construction projects. Its strength and beauty make it hard to pass up when choosing kitchen cabinet materials. Cozy and inviting, this wood is sure to make your house feel more like home. Plus, oak kitchen cabinets will never go out of style because of the wood’s naturally light color and strong grain patterns. This makes these cabinets ultra-customizable. The staining options are limitless, so whether you are aiming for light, dark or any shade in between, oak definitely has you covered. 

Why Oak Cabinets Are Perfect for Every Kitchen

It can be quite the disappointment to find cabinetry you absolutely adore only to find the material only comes in certain stain styles. This is a non-issue with oak, so for those of you who prefer a bit of variety, Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile strongly recommend giving oak cabinets a look.

Its longevity makes oak a solid investment as far as kitchen remodeling and upgrade projects go since this wood can be easily sanded and stained alternative colors. Homeowners need not fret about wearing the surface too thin or shortening the lifespan of the material by changing styles too often. While there is certainly a limit to how frequently refacing should be performed, oak cabinets fare far better than most competing wood products.

One benefit many people do not realize oak offers in comparison to other popular cabinetry options is high density. Kitchens are spaces well-known for having continually changing temperature and humidity levels, not to mention the high likelihood of food and grease spills and stains. When sealed, this type of wood is almost impervious to otherwise detrimental contact.

From Frost to Natural to Harvest to Medium, your oak color choices are ever-expanding. Have fun browsing and be sure to ask one of the kitchen remodel specialists at Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile for help or advice!

Image courtesy of: http://www.besthousejo.com/2013/06/advantages-of-oak-wood-for-your-kitchen.html