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High-quality Cabinetry for Your Cleveland Home

Cabinets are the cornerstone of style and function in key living spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. High quality cabinets will seamlessly combine aesthetic and function, while perfectly complementing other design features in a room.

When you are investing in new cabinets for your home, every detail counts. What kind of wood? Light, medium or dark finish? Or maybe paint? Traditional, transitional or modern design? And what about customizations like hardware?

At Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile, every member of our staff will work with you to find the perfect cabinets with the look, feel and features that matter most to you and fit your desired investment. We have an extensive collection of cabinets from top manufacturers that are best-in-class in their price categories. Additionally, we have professional design consultants, including our Certified Kitchen Designer, on staff to help make finding the right cabinets for your home simple and stress-free.

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Our Cabinet Selection

When done right, cabinets can transform a room and tie together any design theme. Our goal with every design we create is to exceed your expectations, both in terms of utility and aesthetic. We achieve these kinds of results for you by following five guiding principles.

Best-in-class Cabinet Manufacturers

Our selection of cabinets have all been made by industry leading manufacturers who have been meticulously constructing quality cabinetry for more than 40 years. Many of the cabinets in our collection are hand-made and assembled in the United States.

Our Cabinet Brands

Choosing a Style

When you are choosing a style for your new cabinetry it’s important to align with the architecture and design themes throughout the rest of your home. Our designers will work with you to create a custom design that offers maximum utility in addition to perfectly complementing all other décor.

Cabinet Styles

Customize Your Cabinets

At Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile you can choose from a variety of custom cabinet options. We offer a range of customizable options that fit all budgets, needs and styles. Whether you are looking for custom hardware, glass inserts, appliance fronts or increased storage capacity, we will find a way to get the exact look and function you want within your budget.

Custom Cabinet Options

Cabinet Care

Once you have your new hand-made cabinets installed in your home it’s important to properly care for them to make sure they look just as good years later. Cabinet care is easy when done correctly.

Cabinet Care Tips

Terms to Know When Remodeling Cabinets

In order to make sure that your cabinets are made with the exact aesthetic and functional qualities you need, we provide a list of cabinetry terms as a tool to help you describe exactly what you’re looking for. Cabinetry is our specialty, which is why we like to provide as many educational resources as we can to make sure you are informed on how to describe exactly what you want from the very first meeting.

Cabinetry Terms

Inspiration from Our Design Team

KITCHEN: Our specialty, but just the first of many spaces and places cabinets can beautify.

BATHROOM: We have a variety of solutions for grand master bathrooms to small powder rooms.

FAMILY ROOM: Think storage for toys, games and crafts. Or maybe a bar and buffet area for entertaining.

LAUNDRY ROOM: Stash things you don’t need every day. Hopefully that means laundry and cleaning supplies, too!

HOME OFFICE: Organization of your work-at-home space is central to creativity, productivity and sanity.

GARAGE: Imagine freeing up your garage floor space for its intended use – easy access to your vehicles!

MUDROOM: Store mittens, scarves and other out-of-season wear out of sight. At least for a short while, we do live in Cleveland after all.