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Wood and Wood Veneer

The worst thing for wood is moisture. Unfortunately, cabinets are usually in places such as kitchens and baths where water will splash. Wipe up water on cabinets with a clean cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Make sure you follow manufacturer’s directions for cleaning. Use a mild detergent or emulsion-type cleaner. Avoid waxes or silicone-based polishes as they can harm the finish, and attract dust and grease. Also avoid abrasives, scouring pads and powdered cleansers. When using oven cleaner, take care to not get any on the cabinets.

Melamine or Thermafoil

While these finish panels are known for their durability, they need attentive care to keep them looking their best. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Use a non-abrasive household cleaner. Avoid abrasives, harsh solvents or cleaning products containing acetone, acetate or ethyl alcohol.

Cabinet Hardware

Use a mild soap and water, and buff dry with a clean cloth. Polishes for brass or silver are not recommended. A cotton swab can be used to dust or clean hinges.

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