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10 Tips for Kitchen Redesigns


Nothing gets homeowners in a better mood than the opportunity for a kitchen makeover. This room is the ultimate space for renovations and remodels, perhaps due to the endless redesign options. Moreover, the transformative power and potential of remodeling your Cleveland kitchen increases equity and enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.  Click here to read more »

How To Identify Wood Grain Patterns


Have you ever been curious to know what type of wood you have in your home, either on your hardwood floors or kitchen cabinets? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to tell your friends and relatives what kind of materials they have simply by assessing their cabinet wood grain patterns? Aside from making you a bit more knowledgeable, this trusty skill can definitely come in handy when choosing and identifying wood products for a remodeling project.  Click here to read more »

Cabinet Wood Finish Feature: Alder


As far as kitchen cabinet materials are concerned, alder is a wood that gets less appreciation than it deserves.

Although not nearly as popular as some of the more well-known types of wood, it does have a reputation for being strong, durable and aesthetically appealing. You probably have encountered it more times than you realize since the wood mimics the look of cherry with respect to its grain hue, patterns and coloring.  Click here to read more »

Kitchen Upgrades for the Best Return on Your Investment

Kitchen Countertop UpgradeAs the heart of your home, your kitchen might need to be updated to accommodate the changes in your life. This can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have never attempted any major home renovation before. It’s easy to get confused by the available options. From the different types of cabinets and countertops to flooring and custom features, the choices are exciting and daunting at the same time. Keep the following pointers in mind as you make your kitchen renovation decisions to stay focused and on budget. Click here to read more »

How To Get the Most out of the Kitchen Remodeling Process

As exciting as it can be to embark on a home renovation project, it can also be very stressful. This is especially true when you’re planning to renovate a central area of your house like the kitchen. As home remodeling specialists, we can make the renovation process easier for you. From reviewing kitchen countertop options to selecting a new tile design for the heart of your home, we can help you get the most of your kitchen remodeling experience.

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Select the Right Tile for Your Shower Design

Because Americans tend to prefer using showers over bathtubs, the shower has become much more of a focal point within modern bathrooms. Our granite and tile company in Ohio has found that customers are increasingly looking to turn their showers into luxurious retreats that reflect their style. We want to help you to find the right tile for your desired design with a few practical tips.

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Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

A kitchen bar is one of the most convenient and popular features that you could add to your home. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet breakfast with your spouse or to let the kids play and make a mess while you make dinner. Your family and friends can sit comfortably at the bar and interact fully with you as you move about the kitchen. Our tile kitchen countertops designers have a few ideas that you might use when considering your kitchen bar design.

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The Low-Down on Bathroom Floors

Buying new flooring for your bathroom can be a bit of a challenge. Water spills and moisture make most people assume carpet is out of the question. While it is true that fabric is a breeding ground for mold and mildew in these environments, there are water-, mildew- and stain-resistant carpet materials available. Home countertop and flooring ideas should ultimately depend on your individual preferences and needs. Click here to read more »

Designing a Space Around Wood Cabinets

Painted interior design cabinets have been the go-to choice for homeowners for years, but recent kitchen trends have uprooted this classic style in favor of a more natural approach. The appeal of stained and natural wood is still high, but many buyers actually prefer the untouched look.

Less is more sometimes, but in no way does that make the task of choosing the perfect cabinets any easier! Figuring out what colors and elements to combine with wooden cabinetry is a challenge to be sure, but with the below tips, you should have no problem creating a designer-worthy space in no time! Click here to read more »

Tips for Designing Your Laundry Room

Often considered the messiest room in the house, your laundry room doesn’t have to be a boring space full of clutter and dirty clothes. Our granite and tile company in Ohio believes this area deserves some love too, and thankfully there are a lot of ways to spruce it up on a budget. Unique color palettes, space-saving furniture and stackable washers and dryers are great ways to transform your humdrum linen-cleaning spot into a fresh room full of life. Click here to read more »