View Countertops Photo GalleriesThere is more to counters than flat surfaces. Here are some words you could hear as you make your choice.

Breakfast bar: A counter that is raised to a height where people can sit at bar-height chairs to eat and drink.

Bullnose: Adding rounded trim to the edge of a tiled surface.

Butcher block: A countertop made of a hardwood such as oak or maple. It is usually used on islands or as an insert somewhere away from the sink.

Drop-in sink: A sink that has a rim that fits over the counter.

Edge return: A thick edge to a counter that gives the appearance of a thicker slab.

Engineered stone: A man-made product made of crushed quartz and polymers to create the look of stone.

Impregnating:The process for sealing stone to prevent dirt, oil, and water from getting into it.

Laminate: A thin material made of paper and resins, and attached to a particle board substrate.

Solid surface: Counters that are made of a manufactured product that simulates stone.

Stone counters: Counters made from natural stone such as granite, marble, or soapstone.

Templating: The process of creating a full-sized mock-up or duplication of your countertop that will be made out of stone.

Templates are commonly made out of strips of wood in a lattice to create the shape.

Under-mount sink: A sink that mounts on the underside of stone or engineered stone countertops.

Vessel sink: A sink with a basin that sits on top of the counter.

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