Painted interior design cabinets have been the go-to choice for homeowners for years, but recent kitchen trends have uprooted this classic style in favor of a more natural approach. The appeal of stained and natural wood is still high, but many buyers actually prefer the untouched look.

Less is more sometimes, but in no way does that make the task of choosing the perfect cabinets any easier! Figuring out what colors and elements to combine with wooden cabinetry is a challenge to be sure, but with the below tips, you should have no problem creating a designer-worthy space in no time!

Wood Cabinet Style Guide

Believe it or not, stone has become the go-to for wooden cabinet matching. Given that granite kitchen countertops come in just as many color and pattern options as the cabinets above them, striking the style balance is easier than you may think.

Birch, cherry and other warm, red-toned woods mesh perfectly with gray-green granite tile designs. Darker woods seem to do better aesthetically with light stone, while white granite kitchen countertops blend effortlessly with walnut. Add in a dash of white to the walls, and be prepared for a visually alluring space like no other!

Homeowners interested in a making a statement should incorporate hanging lanterns or other drop lighting. The warm glow illuminates and counters the cold feel of stone and serves as a beautiful accent for the wooden cabinets. Lighting is a big deal in kitchens, and to make it work in your favor, you must carefully consider both placement and type. Natural lighting works the best in these rooms as well, so consider inserting a large window over the sink space.

Amethyst-tinted glass and pendant lights are an elegant way to accessorize a natural wood-themed kitchen. Purple goes very well with all types of wood, light and dark. For a more vintage theme, we recommend installing soapstone counters, a deep farm-style sink and using light oak for the cabinetry. To avoid contrast overkill, optional wood flooring should always be kept a few shades lighter than the cabinets. For more interior design cabinet ideas, give us a call!