Many people come to us wanting to update their kitchen or bathroom.  The reasons are always different, but the experience is similar.  While it’s easy to see the end of the process through reviews, it is a lot tougher to know what the whole process is like.  We recently worked with some people on a kitchen remodel and asked them to help define the process from start to finish.


TJ and his mother, Joyce came to us when they were “flipping” a house because the kitchen needed updates in order to help attract potential buyers.  They chose to work with Designer Cabinets Granite & Tile and Stoneworks because they wanted to partner with a company that would go out of their way to help them.  TJ commented, “Service and a great selection were important to us.  Designer Cabinets Granite & Tile had both.”


One of the things we do when working with people is assign them a designer that walks them through the process.  A designer will sit and listen to homeowners as they lay out their dreams and goals for their space.  Then they’ll help create a space that everyone is happy with.  In this case, Hannah McGowan of Designer Cabinets Granite & Tile  and Stoneworks pitched in to help.  When asked about working with Hannah, TJ said, “Hannah was awesome!  She was always positive and helpful.  In addition, we appreciated her ‘eye’ for design, which helped us as we made choices.”



While countertops are usually what people notice when looking at a remodeled kitchen, cabinets are also a part of the mix and that’s where Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile came in.  The selection of cabinets can always be dicey if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking at.  This is the area where Hannah matched her expertise with what TJ & Joyce wanted.  The combination of countertop and cabinet came together well.


Once the project got underway, we took measurements and fabricated the materials right here in our facilities.  Adam Abrams, with both Designer Cabinets Granite & Tile and Stoneworks said, “This is a time that homeowners are looking for updates on what we’re doing at every step and that’s exactly what we were able to do.”


In the end, TJ & Joyce got exactly what they were looking for.  They got a kitchen that’s the envy of the neighborhood and used it to put the house up for sale.  Their reaction when they first saw the finished project was brief but powerful.  “Wow.  It was all we could say,” said TJ.  When asked if they would work with both companies again, TJ didn’t hesitate.  He had another project in mind and he, Joyce and Hannah sat down and started planning again.


As you think about your bathroom or kitchen project, let us show you how easy it can be to realize your dreams, whether it means putting together your dream kitchen or bathroom or flipping a house.  Contact us today and get the process started.