kitchen cabinet makeover

Homeowners engaged in kitchen renovation projects typically have to decide on matters such as kitchen countertop options, which major appliances to replace and the ideal backsplash material. Rarely do homeowners agonize over choosing the right cabinet hinges for their home, but with the different options that are now available, it’s worth the read to catch up on the latest developments in this often overlooked yet important item.

Exposed Hinges

There are two basic types of hinges – the concealed hinge and the exposed hinge. Exposed hinges are the more traditional and consist of two wings and a pivot point. One wing is attached to the door while the other is attached to the cabinet’s frame or wall, depending on whether your cabinet is framed or not.

Some exposed hinges are only partially visible. They are partly hidden when the cabinet door is closed, but portions of the hinge can still be seen. Surface mounted hinges, on the other hand, are fully visible. One wing is attached to the exterior of the cabinet door and the other is secured to the cabinet frame.

Exposed hinges allow cabinet doors to open up to 270 degrees wide. This makes slide-out drawers easy to maneuver and pull out entirely if necessary. These types of hinges now come in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors. They have become a design element in their own right.

Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges come in two basic varieties. The cup hinge, also known as the European hinge, has a fitting on one end of the hinge that resembles a cup (hence the name). Barrel or cylinder hinges have two cylinders joined by metal links in a hinged center. Both of these concealed hinges require a mortise or a groove to be drilled into the cabinetry for proper mounting and alignment.

Since they are hidden from view, concealed hinges have no decorative aspect to them and are designed purely for function. They do have a fair amount of flexibility in that they are adjustable and allow for the easy removal of the cabinet doors.

As you shop around for hinges, inquire about the soft-close feature that is available with both exposed and concealed hinges. The hinges will pull a cabinet door shut at a certain degree, closing it softly.

Replacing the cabinets and countertops in your kitchen is an excellent way to give your home a fresh look. Our design professionals can help you with granite tile design, kitchen and bathroom countertop choices and exciting home countertop and flooring ideas for your kitchen renovation project.