Like all home design elements, kitchen and bathroom countertops can go through trends. Unlike some fads, however, the trends with countertops tend to stay in fashion for quite a while, making your investment in new countertops one that will stay valuable whether you choose to sell next year or keep your home for the next 50 years. Learn more about the most popular kitchen countertop materials we sell and whether they are right for you and your home.

Granite and Granite Tile

While granite may not feel like a trend, it is one of the most popular and most requested products that we sell. We like to think of granite as a trend that has endured. Granite is timeless and classic, after all, thanks to its natural beauty, strength and durability. We sell full slab granite kitchen countertops and granite tiles to ensure that you can have the beautiful kitchen of your dreams.


Quartz is another popular material for kitchen and bathroom countertops right now. Quartz offers homeowners the beauty of natural stone with the exciting option of customizing its pattern and color. It has a similar hardness level and durability to granite, but its resin makes the material completely nonporous and antimicrobial. Because it is nonporous, quartz requires next to no maintenance, just simple cleaning. Quartz can also be shaped to your exact specifications without difficulties even if you want an unusual counter shape.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Creating a sustainable kitchen design that is friendly to the earth is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in kitchen countertops. We offer a variety of kitchen countertop options made from recycled products or by companies that have sustainable production practices. Check out our selection of products from EcoDomo (which makes tiles from recycled leather), Encore Ceramics (which operates an entirely sustainable and green company), Fireclay Tile (which creates ceramic tiles by recycling ceramics), Ice Stone (which sells recycled glass and concrete countertop slabs) and Silestone (which produces sustainable quartz slab products).

If any of these kitchen countertop trends is a part of your dream kitchen, we encourage you to come and visit our granite and tile company in Ohio. We have an extensive showroom filled with these and other countertop options that we feel sure you will love. Browse the showroom or discuss your ideas with one of our designers to get started.