Interior design in 2014 is all about color contrasts, including the kitchen design trend of blending of dark-colored cabinets with natural stone and granite kitchen countertops. The merger of light and dark can work very well to create accent points within the space or a dramatic, captivating ambiance. 

Mixing and Matching Dark and Light

The old adage “opposites attract” proves true in kitchen design because although more monotone themes appear soft and comforting, those with contrast force us to focus on the details.

When you install white granite kitchen countertops in a large or small room with dark walnut cabinetry, they stand out. Instead of clashing, which so many homeowners fear will happen with these kitchen themes, certain areas pop while others blend together seamlessly. White provides brightness and the feeling of space while the dark cabinets add warmth, coziness and elegance.

Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile has worked with many clients who have had initial hesitations about combining dark wood interior design cabinets with natural stone like granite or quartz, but after getting a firsthand look at the display themes in our showroom and visualizing how these designs would appear in their home, they were excited to give it a shot. This is why we encourage our customers to keep an open mind when exploring their cabinetry and kitchen countertop options.

Dark espresso cabinetry mixed with light quartz countertops is enough to make any homeowner jump for joy, especially when stainless steel appliances and custom tile backsplashes are incorporated. We cannot guarantee that this style is best for your home or your overall decor, but we strongly urge you to not rule it out as an option. Come get a feel for this trend in person at our cabinets and countertops showroom or visit Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile’s Facebook page to view real customer examples.