Because Americans tend to prefer using showers over bathtubs, the shower has become much more of a focal point within modern bathrooms. Our granite and tile company in Ohio has found that customers are increasingly looking to turn their showers into luxurious retreats that reflect their style. We want to help you to find the right tile for your desired design with a few practical tips.

Must-Have Features

The only absolute “must-have” features for your shower tile are durability and ability to repel water. This area of your home must withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear because it is used daily. It will also constantly be exposed to moisture, dirt, soap scum and cleaning materials. If you plan on tiling the floor, the tiles will also need to be slip-resistant when wet. Fortunately, ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles can be the perfect combination of all of these features.

Our granite tile design professionals want to remind you that you should ensure that your shower tile is grouted properly and sealed to keep out moisture and mold growth. Outside of that, your tile choice and design is completely up to you!

Size Matters

The size of tile you pick will have a significant impact on your shower’s new tile design. Ultimately, there are benefits to any size of tile, but there are also drawbacks. Larger tile sizes mean a sleek design and less grout to complicate cleaning. Large tiles, however, can tend to be more slippery than smaller tiles. You can avoid this by finding large tiles with a high slip-resistance rating.

Smaller tiles can be a great choice for kitchen and bathroom tile as they are attractive and have a naturally higher slip resistance. You could get the best of large and small tile by using a mosaic tile design for your shower’s floor and using larger tiles for the walls of your shower. Alternatively, you could mix and match sizes for an eclectic look.

Be Creative with Color

The color you choose will largely depend on your personal tastes and the size of your bathroom. Our granite and tile company in Ohio has found that small bathrooms benefit from tiles that are a single color and are lighter in shade. Larger bathrooms can manage much more diversity.

Whether your space is small or large, we encourage you to consider adding unexpected design elements to show off your creativity. Just like with painting, you can create accent walls with tile or use borders to create more visual interest.