Get to know these tile terms to speak the language of industry experts like Designer Cabinets, Granite & Tile:

Adhesive: The material used to bind tile to a surface.

Bullnose: Adding rounded trim to the edge of a tiled surface.

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tiles can be used in wall and floor applications and are usually glazed.

Grout: The material used between tiles to lock them into place and keep water from going between tiles to the surface below.

Mounted tile: Tiles that are assembled into units or sheets by the manufacturer. This is common for small mosaic tiles used in backsplashes or as accents.

Porcelain tile: Porcelain is an extremely durable tile that is popular in commercial use. Because it is much less porous than ceramic, porcelain tile can be glazed or unglazed.

Subway tile: A rectangular, flatter tile, commonly set with a very thin grout line. It is commonly glazed ceramic tile.

Travertine: A limestone tile material. The color range is in neutral tones and it is a durable stone.

Wainscote: The application of tile to a wall to chair rail height, usually finished at the top with a border tile.

Wall tile: Tile that is used on walls. It is usually thinner than floor tile.