Often considered the messiest room in the house, your laundry room doesn’t have to be a boring space full of clutter and dirty clothes. Our granite and tile company in Ohio believes this area deserves some love too, and thankfully there are a lot of ways to spruce it up on a budget. Unique color palettes, space-saving furniture and stackable washers and dryers are great ways to transform your humdrum linen-cleaning spot into a fresh room full of life.

Lose the Laundry Room Blandness

Hiding dirty linens is a good first step, and though hampers are inexpensive enough, installing a colorful drape to conceal shelf-stored detergent and fabric softener is recommended to create clean lines. Mounted cabinets and countertops directly above your washer and dryer will optimize floor space and further reduce clutter.

To amp up the elegance factor, consider using glass jars to hold your detergent. Since this space is used primarily for function, infusing aesthetically pleasing materials that also serve a purpose is worth the effort. Take stainless steel and tile, for example. These products are eye-catching, durable and low-maintenance. What else could you ask for in this room?

The right paint theme can make all the difference as well. Avoid dark themes since most linen spaces tend to be compact and space-hindered. Blending natural textures with a basic color scheme creates a calm oasis. If you are a fan of dramatic and daring styles, aim for bright punches of shades like candy apple green or fuchsia to make washing clothes feel more fun.

Pairing interior design cabinets with unique touches like a granite tile design can pay off tremendously, so be open to the possibilities! For example, rustic-themed laundry rooms are seeing an increase in popularity. Mix and match antique and contemporary furniture to create a space you can truly call home!